Jim and Brian, both long-term friends and experts in alcohol production, combined their resources and knowledge to start Green Stem, LLC in May of 2020. After primarily focusing on providing high quality hand sanitizer for the local community and first responders, they shifted their focus to premium custom label hand sanitizer for weddings. Why did they make this transition?

In June of 2020, a close friend, Stacy, reached out to Jim and Brian and said she was in desperate need of hand sanitizer for her wedding. Stacy had tried to create a personalized wedding favor to put in her guests' welcome bags.  There were two issues; 1.) she bought poor quality hand sanitizer and 2.) she bought custom labels off an online store to place on the bottles that looked cheap. 

With her wedding one week away and still needing to provide hand sanitizer to keep her guest safe, Green Stem was in the position to provide hand sanitizer. However, she still wanted custom labels to make it a special wedding keepsake. 

Jim and Brian worked with a local printing company to develop a process for printing high quality images on a label that would not smudge. 

After hearing Stacy's story and knowing they had the capability to provide a premium custom label now, they researched the market. What was discovered was/is pretty alarming.

Not only are/were sellers selling custom labels but also these labels had no drug facts on them (which is illegal) in addition some sellers were selling non-FDA registered hand sanitizer (which is also illegal).

On a less serious note, they also didn't have the ability to add photos and were restrictive when it came to what could be placed on the bottle. 

Jim and Brian realized the opportunity and felt obligated to make a premium custom label wedding favor filled with American made FDA registered hand sanitizer to keep the bride and groom and all guests safe and happy.

It continues to be very rewarding and fun to not only take the stress off the wedding couples by providing a one stop shop for the best wedding favor but also design with them incredible custom labels with amazing photos and themes. 

Let us take the pressure off you and let's have some fun! 

Best Regards,

Brian, Jim & the Green Stem Team




Green Stem Design Company